Advanced Arid Exotics

North-West Sydney, NSW, Australia. Specialising in advanced, mature examples of Echinocactus Grusonil (Golden Balls)


WE SELL TIME AS WELL AS PLANTS - that is, you do not have to wait decades to achieve the effect you seek because we have already done that for you.
  • Advanced Arid Exotics (AAE) started in 1980 germinating and cross pollinating plants. By 1994 we were ready to begin selling plants though it would take another decade before large plants became available. It was decided to specialise in one signature plant that was regarded as the definitive cactus.
  • It was clear that there was and still is a near total lack of a regular supply of such large and mature plants in any volume. The plants are grown under controlled conditions in greenhouses both in open beds and containers dependant on their stage of growth and needs. Many are over 30 years old.
  • All plants were germinated on site by cross pollination from proven plants and gleaned out to ensure the best genetic qualities were cultivated Our plans have a strong root system, early flowering characteristics, excellent resistance to low temperatures down to -3 degrees C, tolerance to high humidity and coastal exposure.
  • Our plants have thrived in the climatic demands of Launceston, Tasmania, Broom, WA, Darwin, NT, Broken Hill, NSW, roof gardens in Melbourne, Victoria, beach houses in Adelaide, SA, riverfront shops in Brisbane, Queensland and terrace balconies in Sydney, NSW.
  • We have supplied plants to botanical gardens across Australia such Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and Townsville Botanic Gardens. Landscape gardeners and designers have utilised us for award winning large domestic plantings to simple accent arrangements for offices, mariners and inbuilt pool landscaping.
  • We pride ourselves in giving strong customer support before, during and after purchase. Advice is freely given years after purchase for any concerns that may arise with feeding, re potting, moving, soil mixes, etc.
  • AAE is a small operation and very personalised. Each customer, be they commercial or private, is treated as unique and they will deal directly with the person who pollinated and grew their selection from seed decades ago.
  • If desired, we can give advice or design your garden area and work with landscapers on the job or on our own to create the effect you desire. The laying out of cacti and succulent garden areas present specific demands and an intimate understanding of the requirements of these diverse plants is essential for success.


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A rooftop garden high above the Sydney skyline
A rooftop garden high above the Sydney skyline

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden gates
Golden balls incorporated into the
re design to the entrance of
Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

A patio garden bed at roof level atop a terrace house
A patio garden bed at roof level
atop a terrace house



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